New Year 2014 – A big one for food topics in the West End

ywca harvest 2010 smWest End Neighbourhood Food Network wishes all 45,000 people in the West End a wonderful 2014.

Looking back on 2013, we were an active participant in the working group of Neighbourhood Food Networks, which has been featured in Vancouver’s Sustainable Food Policy, we continued operating the Food Scraps Drop Spots in cooperation with partners (Recycling Alternative, Gordon Neighbourhood House, West End Community Centre, and Village Vancouver), held some workshops and potlucks, and a joint meeting with the City of Vancouver on sustainable food systems in the West End as part of the 30-year community planning process, and helped spread the word generally about food. We also joined with Gordon House in the first ever West End Food Fest, in October. Internally, we also had some discussions about organizational development and planning. And thanks to a grant from the City of Vancouver, we are able to hire a coordinator part time, so the pace should pick up now.

Looking forward to the next 12 months in 2014, we can expect acceleration of activities around food, in Food cycle conceptscooperation with current and new partners. The regionwide ban to prevent food scraps from the land fill enters into force on January 1, 2015, so we can expect some big changes in the West End in the coming months. Meanwhile, we continue with the Food Scraps Drop Spots, serving over 300 people and their families each week. We can expect more cooperation citywide with interested networks and groups. Gordon House is also ramping up activities on the food security and food justice topics, so we look forward to more cooperation with them too. Many other plans are being developed. Stay tuned!

Follow us on Twitter at @westendfoodnet.


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