Food Scraps Drop Spots in 2015 in the West End as the Metro Vancouver ban on food scraps kicks in

Food Scraps Drop Spot logoStarting January 1, 2015, both the City of Vancouver and Metro Vancouver regional district have banned food scraps from regular garbage. For the first six months the City will be lenient, but after July 1, fines will start to be imposed in line with increasing enforcement levels.

From the City’s website: “If every resident in Vancouver recycled food scraps for a whole year, we’d remove 5,500 trucks worth of food scraps from the landfill.” Much information is available on the City website, where you can even download instructions to make a Green Bin origami guide to make a liner for your kitchen container in five easy steps. More info from the City of Vancouver is here. Meanwhile, Metro Vancouver’s website has even more information for restaurants, grocers, apartments and condos.

As many people know, we at the West End Neighbourhood Food Network (WENFN) have partnered with Recycling Alternative and Village Vancouver to bring the donation-based Food Scraps Drop Spots to the West End since 2012, with two sites (three shifts) hosted at the Gordon Neighbourhood House and West End Community Centre. Click here for information and schedules. And we are entirely volunteer-run so if you are willing to do some shifts, please contact We won’t be doing this forever, but feel that it is important to provide this service to local residents until more buildings have their own systems in place. We regularly receive food scraps from about 250 people.

More information from WENFN:

More about the entire Food Scraps Drop Spot program:

(Rental, strata condo, co-op housing, leasehold, etc.)

Since the majority of West End residents live in multi-unit buildings, it will be important for each building to come up with a plan. The default decision for many buildings is likely to be asking a waste contractor to give you an estimate for food scraps pickup. For highly organized people and buildings, you could consider your own on-site composting system for use in your own garden. Residents have a huge role to play in motivating their buildings to get systems in place. We urge you to talk to the building management and ask about plans (if not already in place).

Useful information for building owners and managers, as well as individual residents and tenants:


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