Community Potluck (Jan 17, Sunday): Theme – Pulses, to celebrate International Year of Pulses

OrcaBeans, image courtesy Village Vancouver

OrcaBeans. Image:

West End Neighbourhood Food Network Community Potluck, Seed & Plant Swap, and Mini-Workshop. Theme: Pulses
Sunday, January 17, 2016
1-3 pm
West End Community Centre, Barclay Room, 870 Denman Street,  Vancouver
Phone: Drop in or register WECC (604.257.8333 or online or in person) or write

Share some good food and conversation with neighbours at this family friendly gathering. Bring something yummy to share and a cup, bowl, spoon, etc. if you’re able to. Find out the latest with the West End Neighbourhood Food Network. We’ll have a seed library there – you can get some free seeds for your garden, or swap or donate seeds or plants. Each month we present a mini-workshop on a different food and/or gardening related topic. Cost: Free

  • The United Nations has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses. Pulses – beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils – have been contributing to global health, nutrition and environment sustainablity for thousands of years. The International Year of Pulses, or IYP, will celebrate the enduring role of pulses in nourishing people around the world.”
  • Did you know that Canada is a global leader in pulse production and export? Did you know how economical and healthy pulse is?
  • This month we will celebrate IYP by share recipes and lots of useful information around pulses, both nutritionally and also environmentally. Plus find out about the 10 Week Challenge!

For more of our community potlucks and workshops until March 2016, please click here. (Some are jointly promoted with Village Vancouver, as noted.)

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