Click to send message, Canada: Let’s save the bees. For good. Deadline Feb 21.

The Canadian government is considering a nationwide ban on one of the most deadly bee-killing chemicals in the world! Canada’s Ministry of Health is taking public comments before it makes its final decision in three weeks. The pesticide industry has promised to fight hard to stop it — so we need to add our voices now.

Click here and send a message to Health Minister Jane Philpott too? canada-let-s-save-the-bees-for -good/?source=taf

Public comments will be taken until February 21, 2017.


Canada is this close to a full-on ban of imidacloprid, one of the most widely used bee-killing pesticides in the world.

Health Canada is taking public comments for just 00 days before it will consider a complete ban. This opportunity won’t come around again — we have to seize it now. Public comments will be taken until February 21, 2017.

Will you tell Health Canada why we need to take this chance to save the bees?

Vancouver and Montreal have already voted to ban neonicotinoids, Ontario has regulated three neonics, and Quebec is considering stricter regulations on neonics. But a Canada-wide ban has never been on the table — until now. This could turn all the hard, incremental work we’ve done together over the past few years into a giant leap forward.

A risk assessment report by Health Canada found that continued use of imidacloprid is “not sustainable” and proposed phasing out the neonicotinoid in 3-5 years. This 3-5 year timeline is in the interest of the pesticide industry — not science — and so we need to make sure the government hears from us now that this toxic chemical needs to be phased out sooner.

Corporate lobbyists are fighting hard against against this. Bayer, the agro-chemical giant who invented the bee-killing poison, has already pledged to dispute the data behind the report. Which is why Health Canada needs to hear from all of us now.

Health Canada isn’t making it easy to comment, but that’s where we come in. We will send your comments directly to the desk of Health Minister Jane Philpott, who has promised to make a “science-based decision.” And we intend to hold her to that promise.

Send Min. Philpott a message now. Let’s save the bees in Canada.


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