Food Scraps Drop Spots

(Updated 22-Sept-2015)

Food Scraps Drop Spot WENFN at WECC last day 27-June-2015

Food Scraps Drop Spot WENFN at WECC last day 27-June-2015

Please note that after three years these three Food Scraps Drop Spots in the West End ENDED in 2015. The last days at these three spots were as follows:

  • Gordon Neighbourhood House: Saturdays, May 23
  • Gordon Neighbourhood House: Tuesdays, May 26
  • West End Community Centre: Saturdays, June 27

The City of Vancouver has adopted new regulations requiring every multi-unit residential building to have a food scraps collection program, so the need for our volunteer-run drop spots has declined.

In the West End, the Food Scrap Drop Spot sponsored by the West End Farmers Market is available until the end of this season, as follows:

  • West End Farmer’s Market (Comox and Bute): Saturdays, May 30 (9 am – 2 pm) until October 24, 2015.


On January 1, the City of Vancouver and Metro Vancouver banned the disposal of food as garbage. Under the City’s by-law, property owners are required to develop a plan and to manage food scraps according to that plan. If your building manager or owner is reluctant to implement a food scraps plan, please call the City at 604-871-6443. City staff may be able to assist by explaining to your building manager/owner directly about the organics ban and change in bylaw requirements, and hopefully get them moving to implement a food scraps plan.

Thank you! Thousands of people have made it part of their routine to recycle food scraps since 2011! You have been champions and leaders. Together, our efforts have been successful in recycling thousands of tons. WENFN offers many other activities relating to food in the West End. Visit our website for more info and to get involved.

West End Neighbourhood Food Network (WENFN), Contact:



Food Scraps Drop Spots were a project for organics recycling in the West End. WENFN got involved in the late spring of 2012. Every Saturday received the food scraps from about 1% of the 45,000 residents of our community — all promoted by word of mouth. The total take each week was typically about one tonne of food scraps for composting and to be recycled back into growing, and this also reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to over 43,000 drops citywide since 2011, the Food Scraps Drop Spot program diverted over 278,000 pounds of food scraps from the landfill (figures as of 2014). You can make Vancouver a greener place to live, starting right from your kitchen. Partners included Recycling Alternative, Gordon Neighbourhood House, West End Community Centre, Vancouver Farmers Markets, and Village Vancouver. THANK YOU to all who support this effort.

More information about this total program led by Recycling Alternative:
twitter: @FoodScrapsDS


Why Compost? VIDEO April 2011.
Metro Vancouver’s David Hocking explains why composting food waste can help fight global warming. Click here.

Food Scrap Methane – VIDEO Jan 2011
Putting food waste in landfills generates methane, a greenhouse gas even more powerful than CO2. Learn how the process occurs and find out easy ways you can help, through reducing the amount of food waste you put in your garbage can. Click here.


  • Each pound or kilogram or tonne of food scraps we collect keeps about that same amount of methane out of the atmosphere.
  • Based on Recycling Alternative numbers, the average drop in Vancouver in 2011 is about 7.5 pounds, or 3.4 kg. So a day at a Drop Spot with 100 drops means 750 pounds, or 340 kg.
  • Since this program began in Vancouver in August 2011, the Food Scraps Drop Spots had kept over 278,000 pounds (over 43,000 drops) out of the landfill by August 2014.
  • (Incidentally, 20 year Global Warming Potential of methane is 72, which means that if the same mass of methane and carbon dioxide were introduced into the atmosphere, that methane will trap 72 times more heat than the carbon dioxide over the next 20 years.)

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