Food scraps FAQ

Here are some questions we receive and some answers. Some of the FAQ questions are not actually so “frequent” but we list them here anyway.

Q: Do you take plastic bags?
A: Regular plastic bags CANNOT go into the food scraps. But as a convenience, we will so accept the plastic bags you use to bring your food scraps — but at the moment, we bundle them up and they end up in landfill. We could consider recycling them, but it would come at a cost — and they would have to be separated into clean and dirty. Clean can be recycled, dirty not. If you wish to recycle bags, you could do your part by keeping them as clean as possible, then bringing them to local grocery chains that do recycle them (e.g., Safeway). Best solution: Use re-usable food scraps containers.

Q: Can I put biodegradable bags in with food scraps? How about compostable bags?
A: Biodegradable bags, no. They “bio-degrade” or break down, but the plastic still could last a thousand years. We do accept certified “compostable” bags — they must have the certification mark.

Q: Can you take pet fur?
A: Preferably not. We are recycling “food scraps.”

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