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As of mid-September 2012, the four current Food Scraps Drop Spots have collected over 30 tonnes from over 8,000 individual drops, since the first one opened at the West End Farmer’s Market in July 2011.

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Excellent articles:

Kitchen waste has become a deceptive term: Compostable organics can be diverted, converted into energy and turned into fertilizer (Brock Macdonald, Vancouver Sun, 10-Oct-2012)






Vancouver, Monday, July 9, 2012                     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Two groups of residents in the West End and Olympic Village are joining other high-density Vancouver neighbourhoods in a community effort to divert organics from the landfill by creating new Food Scraps Drop Spots.

On June 16, 2012 the West End Neighbourhood Food Network and Village Vancouver launched their 10am-1pm Saturday Drop Spot at the West End Community Centre.

On July 10, 2012 local residents in the Olympic Village will launch their 6-8pm Tuesday-evening Food Scraps Drop Spot at the Olympic Village Plaza in South East False Creek.

Both initiatives result from a partnership with local recycling company Recycling Alternative and benefit from Neighbourhood Small Grants awarded by the Greenest City Fund created by the Vancouver Foundation and the City of Vancouver. The addition of West End and Olympic Village Drop Spots brings the total number of Vancouver Drop Spots currently operating to four, counting the existing Trout Lake and West End Farmers Market Drop Spots, which began in partnership with Vancouver Farmer’s Markets last year.

Food Scraps Drop Spots offer residents of apartment and condo buildings a real option for recycling food scraps (composting) as these buildings are not currently included in the curbside food scraps pick-up and composting service provided by the City of Vancouver. Using the Drop Spots, residents who otherwise throw out their organic waste can now take their week’s worth of food scraps to their local Drop Spot for composting, and for a $2 donation, do their part to keep organics out of the landfill and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To date Food Scraps Drop Spots have received over 6,000 drops and diverted more than 22 tonnes of organic materials from the landfill. Those food scraps get turned into top soil and soil amendment for the local gardening, landscaping and farming markets.

In addition to providing an option for multi-tenant food scraps diversion, the Drop Spots have become an engaging and effective forum for community dialogue, public awareness and education of all things related to waste, food scraps, recycling and our local food cycle!

To find your nearest Food Scraps Drop Spot, check out

For more information on the community partners and for specific locations or to volunteer please contact:

Randy Helten
West End Drop Spot

Cheryn Wong
Olympic Village Drop Spot

Louise Schwarz
Recycling Alternative

Roberta LaQuaglia
Vancouver Farmers Markets


2. StyroFree Challenge
Sonja and Viviana have started a StyroFree Challenge project in the 2011. The purpose of the Challenge is to inspire restaurants and institutions in Vancouver BC to stop using styrofoam take out containers and switch to sustainable alternatives such as: biodegradable-compostable containers or even better, setting up programs for re-usable take-back containers.

The goal for this challenge is to divert restaurant waste from the landfill and promote environmental and human health.

Our objectives are:
To create awareness regarding negative impacts of polystyrene
To offer ideas for sustainable take out alternatives
To inspire restaurants to take initiative and participate in the challenge

So far, they have been working on creating a presence for restaurants that already use green alternative. They are hoping that with a bigger group of restaurants participating in the challenge it will be easier to make a strong case and present it to the restaurants that are sitting on a fence or haven’t even thought about abandoning styrofoam.

You can find out more at or follow us on facebook or twitter at

Contact info (at)

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