Neighbourhood Food Networks:

Workshop Summary: Local Food Systems: The West End Context  (by West End Neighbourhood Food Network (WENFN) and City of Vancouver) March 26, 2013, at West End Community Centre
Download: West End Local Food Systems Workshop – March 2013 – Summary Notes – FINAL

Community Gardens in the West End Area

Great article — “Kitchen waste has become a deceptive term: Compostable organics can be diverted, converted into energy and turned into fertilizer” (Brock Macdonald, Vancouver Sun, 10-Oct-2012)

Vandusen Gardens has programs on food growing:

Vancouver Coastal Health’s “Free and Low Cost Meals” Directory information page –

Provided by Vancouver Coastal Health, this list (2011 version, downloadable in Excel format) is a useful resource for people seeking free and low cost meals. If the link above does not work, go to and search for “free and low cost food list.” Note that some information may have changed since the time of printing. Included are:

  1. Free meals: FREE breakfast, lunch or dinners available to everyone
  2. Low cost meals: breakfast, lunch or dinners available to everyone at a low cost
  3. Community meals: breakfast, lunch or dinners available for members of specific population groups. These meals may be free or low cost
  4. Emergency food: Food banks or food bags that provide 3-4 days worth of groceries. Some of these services are for specific population groups only

Victory Gardens – “We help you grow food! We Build. We Teach. We Grow.”

The Economist: Food Security Index, by country: Free plants, surplus produce and gardening materials (are just around the corner in a garden near you) — not yet big in Vancouver, but has potential

Environmental Youth Alliance

Planted Network

  • Facilitates collaboration among partners
  • Provides resources and access to expertise
  • Provides public education to raise awareness
  • Helps new community gardens and sustainably-minded food programs get started

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